Episode IV: Questioning Current Wildfire Wisdom with Kim Sorvig

Episode 4 July 25, 2021 00:25:41
Episode IV: Questioning Current Wildfire Wisdom with Kim Sorvig
Garden Futurist
Episode IV: Questioning Current Wildfire Wisdom with Kim Sorvig

Jul 25 2021 | 00:25:41


Show Notes

“The younger bracket of people, the demographic that is coming into power…they may actually have more practical impact on this whole issue than all of us aging idealists, the ex-hippies who didn't believe in cars and so on.” Kim Sorvig  

We hear a somewhat controversial perspective on managing fire risk around homes and properties. We discuss a compelling solution: transitional landscape from human habitation to transitional spaces and then into forest. 

Our guest, Kim Sorvig, is a research associate professor at the University of New Mexico and a George Pearl fellow, which is an honor given to professionals whose work encourages discourse and positive change in architecture, planning, and historic preservation.

Read an excerpt from Sustainable Landscape ConstructionThird EditionPrinciple 2: Heal Injured Soils and SitesRestore Forests and Coexist with Wildfire

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